ROUTHIER + FILS Since 1919…
For us, the experience crowns the excellence!

The story begins in 1919 in the Eastern Townships, when J.A. Routhier opened up his bakery. The son Gilles follows the path of his father, but adds an increased interest in the technical side, in order to know the equipment needed for a successful bakery. Quickly became an expert in the bakery field, he founded the company, which today continues to meet the needs of customers. For about a century, Routhier family maintains its reputation in the business of baking. The company Routhier + fils is now located south of Montreal and persists in the development of commercial activities more and more varied. Thus, the range of products it offers to its customers is larger every day. The experience perpetrated from generation to generation at your disposal...

Our mission is to offer you various bakery equipment, bakery ovens, commercial oven, proofers, spiral mixers, planetary mixers, and even used bakery equipment. Also effective for bakeries and pastries smaller than industrial ones, the sale of accessories that your business needs is our specialty.

For example, for baking pans, our company is known as one of the most competitive sellers in America. In our stock there is always a wide variety of pans of varied dimensions ready to be delivered on time and consistently. Apart from the new pans, we can also offer reconditioned pans.

Any specialist in bakery / pastry knows the path of the material to the final product and therefore the importance of quality accessories. With our hydraulic dividers, divider-formers and shapers, bakery machinery, ovens, etc., manufacturing, as well as cooking or marketing are also guaranteed. For example, we can distribute any product of Bertrand / Puma, Pavailler and CFI. Our company will always support the progress of your business. A new bakery or pastry must have quality equipment to properly make its way onto the market. For specific advice, we are here to help you choose according to your interests. Thanks to our experience, a pertinent analysis of your needs will be the first step to your side. Then our task is to monitor the progress of your business. Because before everything Routhier + fils comes to propose bakery or pastry projects, with a team of specialists in the design and implementation.

No detail is unnecessary for the success of your business, and all the more the condition of your equipment. That is why our company completes the series products with customized protective covers, factory-made, designed according to your needs. Whether for consecrated bakers and pastry chefs or small business, our technicians will find the right solution.

In conclusion, the passion invested by Routhier generations for a hundred years in the branches of pastry and bakery is the guarantee of an excellent knowledge of the area. Therefore your business has a partner who is there to ensure you with both valuable advice for making correct decisions and a series of accessories and reliable Best Quality products. Large or small-scale business, Routhier + fils accompanies you on the path to success.

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